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REQUIRES ver. 4.08 firmware from ICOM — REQUIRES Windows 7/8/10 64-bit OS.

ICOM IC-F8101E ® * remote ALE radio control software includes a modem controller for the RapidM TC4® ** which is internally installed in the radio.  The modem controller may also be used with the RapidM RM2® ** external modem via the modem’s remote control port.

F8101ALE allows the user to control ALE linking and de-linking (based on radio programming) directly from the software without touching the radio.  This allows the radio to be installed in a position that is not directly accessible to the operator.

The TC4 modem controller allows the user to set waveform, data rate and interleave settings of the modem and to configure transmit audio level and receive deacquire limit.  The modem controller displays the incoming auto-baud data rate and interleave as well as SNR and BER readings from the modem.

The program collects information regarding ALE stations heard while scanning also.  This information is logged and the NetMon module aggregates that information and presents it in another window for evaluation.  NetMon is included in the base software.

* ICOM, IC-F8101E are registered trademarks of ICOM Inc.
** RapidM, TC4 and RM2 are registered trademarks of Rapid Mobile (Pty) Ltd.

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