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CODAN Controller support is NOW available

Envoy Assist, the 2G ALE, Digital Voice and RM50 M110 data modem control is available when purchasing a CODAN Envoy or Sentry H in the US, Mexico and Carribean.  The radio hardware is available from NVIS Communications, LLC.  If you already own an Envoy or Sentry H, inquire with NVIS Communications for the RadCommSoft, LLC software and it’s associated product key.

Check the CODAN Web site for details.

NVIS Communications, LLC can be reached at 408-782-8002.

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Take Control of the CODAN Envoy

The CODAN Envoy sets the standard for quality, capability and durability. Our upcoming controller for the Envoy is called Envoy Assist. It gathers all of the most important Radio, 2G ALE, and M110 Data control together into one interface.

There is no easier way to manage the Envoy than with Envoy Assist. Users may connect multiple TCP Socket clients or one serial client to Envoy Assist’s Mil Std 110A/B modem controller in order to send and receive raw data via the CODAN RM50 data modem . Use the controls in the ALE group in order to make and break 2G ALE links. Manage the RF power level, mode, mute, Easitalk and change channels. Add to that 18 channel presets and the ability to toggle Hardware Data Encryption and Digital Voice.

There are lots of data display areas as well which include the Channel and Frequency, ALE indications, Link status, M110 AutoBaud, SNR and BER. All of those data indications are made available over a server socket which also allows multiple client connections. The simple protocol specification is provided.

We are proud to offer Envoy Assist in partnership with NVIS Communications, LLC, the US, Mexico and Carribean representative for CODAN Communications

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RadCommSoft Helps the National Guard and Amateur Community

ARRL Press Release for Operation Stable Mercury

The M110Terminal was created in-house here at RadCommSoft and provided free of charge to the Amateur Radio community in support of the National Guard Operation Stable Mercury.   

M110Terminal allows the operator to “chat” with National Guard operators and to exchange “order wire” communications as well as properly formatted ICS-213 form data.

The M110Terminal was used in conjunction with N2CKH’s MS-DMT M110A sound card modem.

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Updated F8101ALE Software Coming Soon

UPDATE 2018-05-04 : The first upgrade is in the final testing phase now.  A mass email will be sent to all users when it is ready for prime time!

F8101ALE users will be happy to hear that an updated version will be released to you all very soon.  There is no cost for this update.  The update WILL require, however, that you supply us with your radio’s serial number (8-digit at the back right side) in order to use the new software.

ICOM America has asked for a few minor changes and I have updated the modem controller software to recognize the level of waveform software that you have purchased from RapidM.  This will show you only M110A or M110A and B depending on the M5 software level query.

Further announcements are forthcoming, but we expect to update everyone in the coming weeks.

Many thanks for your continued support!

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MICOM Controller

MICOM 2E+ controller software with integrated data modem controller.

This controller brings new life to the MICOM 2E+ series of radios including the 3 series and the 500E.


  • ALE Control including call types (IND, LQA, NET, ALLCALL, Sounding)
  • Selection of the called address from a list
  • Selection of the configured network to scan and use for calls (including SELF address)
  • Current channel number display while scanning
  • Frequency display while scanning channels in ALE or Channel Scan mode (which is not visible on the radio head)
  • LQA display of soundings and incoming links
  • Control the speaker output level
  • Toggle the Squelch on and off
  • Toggle the ALE Mute setting on and off
  • Enable/Disable the Attenuator, Clipper and Noise Blanker with one click each
  • Set the receiver AGC level
  • Toggle button for a TUNE function when using an antenna feed line matcher
  • 12 programmable “priority channels” with user defined button labels
  • Direct frequency entry in FREQ mode
  • Channels Scan when Scan Groups are defined for non-ALE operation
  • Channel Scan rate (1-5 sec / chan) selection
  • RF output power level selection
  • Sideband selection
  • Radio mode selection
  • Integrated data modem controller options, to include : RapidM RM2 or Harris 5700 series.

NOTE: Custom software contracts accepted.  Please contact for more information.