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Take Control

Thinking outside the box is where we begin.

RadCommSoft software is designed to unlock the features of your radio equipment.  It also extends those capabilities by leveraging software control of the hardware resources.  In many cases, the client will be able to stretch the value of a hardware investment by using a well-crafted software controller.

RadCommSoft remote control software is developed using the actual hardware and with full the documentation and support as available from the manufacturer.  As such, offerings are only made available once the software has been tested against a real radio on a real antenna and running on a typical computer or the computer of the client’s choice.

RadCommSoft products are also designed to work with other real-world applications, such as communications terminals, encryption modules, and LAN based inter-connectivity.  Thinking outside of the box is where we begin.

Custom software design contracts are accepted as well.  Contact support@radcommsoft.com for more information.