F8101ALE v3 Remote Controller Software


An update to the F8101ALEv2 Remote Controller Software. New features and new look!

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The Next Generation of F8101E Remote Control software. New Look! Lots of new features.  For 64-bit Windows only.

  • Sliders for AF Gain, Squelch level and Dwell have been replaced by spin boxes and up/down buttons for faster and more accurate setting of those controls.
  • The ability to remotely turn the back-light on and off.
  • Up/Down arrow buttons in the frequency display now work for VFO frequency when in VFO mode.  100 Hz normal mode or 1 kHz FAST mode.
  • Remote control of SPLIT VFO operation enable/disable.
  • Display of Average Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) from the modem controller after each transmission.
  • The auto-baud value is marked as history with * after each reception.
  • Addition of FSK_WS (Wide-shift Mil Std RTTY) Waveform choice for users who have the appropriate RapidM software pack enabled.
  • Track Incoming SNR now works on the Average SNR value of the last reception.
  • Manual initiation of Sounding in ALE.
  • The NetMon ALE tracking tool now shows the remote LQA report for the user’s station (how this station is heard remotely).
  • The ability to clean up the ALE combo box values for all four Address types in the Configuration dialog.
  • The new ATUNE button triggers the built-in ICOM tune cycle for it’s supported Auto Tuners.
  • The new TDR checkbox in the modem controller area now turns Track Data Rate on and off without having to open the configuration dialog.

Hardware Requirements:
ICOM IC-F8101E with MAIN firmware version 4.08 (ONLY) and a VALID serial number as displayed by the radio front panel.  Serial numbers which are displayed as all zeros or all dashes are known to work, but are not guaranteed to work.  Pre-production models (non E) with updated firmware are also known to work but are not guaranteed to work.

Windows 7 or newer 64-bit PC’s ONLY.  The software is not for use on any older version of Windows and is completely unsupported on those PC’s.  Existing users who have 32-bit PC’s are supported for using F8101ALEv2 until Dec. 31 2020.


Pricing is per RADIO, and a product key matching your radio will be provided after purchase, along with the link to download the software.  It may be installed on as many PC’s as you wish since the Product Key is tied to the radio.

Product Support:

Product support is provided by email to support@radcommsoft.com.  Replies are sent within 24 business hours (9am-5pm) Eastern Time, US.


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