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MICOM Controller

MICOM 2E+ controller software with integrated data modem controller.

This controller brings new life to the MICOM 2E+ series of radios including the 3 series and the 500E.  Since this is aging technology, this controller is only available by contract.


  • ALE Control including call types (IND, LQA, NET, ALLCALL, Sounding)
  • Selection of the called address from a list
  • Selection of the configured network to scan and use for calls (including SELF address)
  • Current channel number display while scanning
  • Frequency display while scanning channels in ALE or Channel Scan mode (which is not visible on the radio head)
  • LQA display of soundings and incoming links
  • Control the speaker output level
  • Toggle the Squelch on and off
  • Toggle the ALE Mute setting on and off
  • Enable/Disable the Attenuator, Clipper and Noise Blanker with one click each
  • Set the receiver AGC level
  • Toggle button for a TUNE function when using an antenna feed line matcher
  • 12 programmable “priority channels” with user defined button labels
  • Direct frequency entry in FREQ mode
  • Channels Scan when Scan Groups are defined for non-ALE operation
  • Channel Scan rate (1-5 sec / chan) selection
  • RF output power level selection
  • Sideband selection
  • Radio mode selection
  • Integrated data modem controller options, to include : RapidM RM2

NOTE: Custom software contracts accepted.  Please contact for more information.

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