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F8101ALE Version 2 Upgrade Notice

UPDATE 2018-07-22 : F8101ALEv2 should be released this week.  A mass email will be sent to all users with a link to the installer and the simple one page instruction sheet.

There is no cost for this update.  The update WILL require, however, that you supply us with your radio’s serial number (8-digit at the back right side of the radio) in order to use the new software.  This software uses a product key created using the radio’s serial number.

ICOM America had asked for a few minor changes and I have updated the modem controller software to recognize the level of waveform software that you have purchased from RapidM.  This will show you only “110A” or “110A” and “110B” depending on the M5 software level query.

Other enhancements include 16 hide-able preset buttons and a drop down list of all programmed channels.  The NetMon tool has been improved.  The Auto-start type for ALE operation is now settable from a drop down next to the “A-SCAN” button.  An AMD button allows the user to send AMD text messages while in linked state.  A new RapidM TC4 (RM2) data I/O option to use serial data flow has also been enabled.   Use your favorite virtual serial port program to link F8101ALEv2 with the serially connected terminal software of your choice.  TCP Socket data I/O is still available.  The Configuration Dialog allows you to delete the ALE addresses that are no longer used rather than having to manually edit the configuration file.

Many thanks for your continued support!

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